Our goal has always been to be the best site for getting doujin related music. In the past few years the demand for doujin music has increased greatly. There are a lot of sites of which you can get doujin music and games, but they are put together in ways which do not really benefit user. Things like popup ads, surveys you have to complete, and ads that fill up the screen are prevalent everywhere.

We don't have any form of ads here. Just pure download links. As you may know we used to be a WordPress site, but have now transitioned to a database of everything that has ever been submitted to this site and our Discord server. You are able to search for whatever you like, circle name, album name, or tags such as events. This will make finding doujin music incredibly easier for everyone across the world. So why do we do this? We do this because some of these albums are incredibly hard to find, if not impossible. As they get released at events, only those who go to the event in Japan are able to obtain the music, everyone else in the world gets left out (unless the album is on a digital platform). As a result, our dedicated users share the albums they buy, and in turn add to the catalogue of music that we preserve, so everyone across the globe gets access to this beautiful music that they may not even know about.

Below are some things that we feel are important that you should know:

I have doujin music I want to share! What do I do?
In order to share music you must visit our official Discord. Read the download rules channel first, then you are free to share whatever doujin albums you have. You must follow the download rules otherwise you may risk being banned from the download channels.

Where is the music hosted?
The music is hosted on external sites (with the exception of a few hosted on this server) such as Mega.co.nz and Mediafire.

Are all download links available?
We can't guarantee all download links will be available due to the unpredictable nature of file sharing sites. We do try to keep the database free of dead links as much as possible though. We encourage you to use the report function if there is a dead link and submit a new link to us if you have one.

What unzipping programs should I used?
We recommend using either WinRAR or 7zip.

How does the music find its way to you?
Mainly from our dedicated user base sharing the music on our specific Discord channels. We also aggregate links from multiple other sources too who are generous enough to upload.

How often is this database updated?
We aim to update the database within 24 hours of the album being posted on our Discord.

I've spotted an error with an album, what do I do!?
We encourage you to use the report feature to tell is what the problem is with the specific album so we can act on it swiftly.

Where can I find the old site and forums?
Both the old site and forums are currently unavailable.

Where are the games?
In recent times, games that have come from Comiket and other events in Japan typically end up on huge platforms such as Steam. As a result, there has been a big drop in them being shared online, to the point where this site does not warrant focusing on them anymore. However, you can find the ones we have hosted on this site through the years at by clicking games archive at the top of this page!

  • DJ NECOJITA - Canaria
    ( 209 )
    ( 151 )
    ごーいん! (Password: Nyaa)
    ( 136 )
    Blackmagik Blazing (Password: Nyaa)
    かめるかめりあ (Camellia)
    ( 108 )
    Lilium Records
    ( 91 )
    SPD GAR 002
    ( 90 )
    ( 88 )
    Blackmagik Blazing
    かめるかめりあ (Camellia)
    ( 78 )
    ( 77 )
    Hardcore Syndrome 13 (Password: Nyaa)
    Hardcore TANO*C
    ( 71 )
  • Please note; there is no 100% guarantee that all files on this site will be able to be downloaded. As we use external file hosting sites, there is a chance that they can get removed, the users account can get closed, or other reasons. If there is file that is down, and you manage to find it, or even better re-upload it elsewhere, please report that specific album along with a download link, and we will add it to our database.
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