This is a page where you can find some useful info about regarding material posted on this site. Below is some info on how to play some games that you have downloaded.

What is an ISO file?
An ISO file is basically a disc image. It contains all the info that the disc has but not in physical form. Find more out about this here.

How do I install a game using an ISO?
The most popular way is by using Daemon Tools . Download the ISO, mount the image using this, and you will be able to install the game, as if the CD was in your PC.

What is .7z?
.7z is an archiving file type, like RAR or ZIP. You can download 7z here.

What is .rar?
Also a really great unzipping tool. Download it here.

Some games won’t run!
Don’t worry, you can either use applocale to trick programs into thinking that your PC is set to a Japanese locale, or you can just set your PC to a Japanese locale. On windows 7, the fastest way to go about it is to just set “language for non-unicode programs” to japanese.

Why are some games downloadable as “parts”?

To open multi-part files, you must install WinRaR or 7zip.

If you click on a link and see a list of files with numbered suffixes at the end of their filenames (e.g. “.part1.rar”, “.001”), they are file parts and you must download all of them. Once you download all file parts, you need to put them all in the same folder. After that, right-click the first file part, click “WinRAR”/”7zip”, then click either “Extract Here” or “Extract to (folder name)”.

(File parts with the suffix “.7z.001” need to be opened using 7zip.)

All file parts are numbered in proper sequence, and every file part should have the same file size EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE. If you notice a listing file parts that skip a number, or notice that the last file part has the EXACT same file size as the others, this means one or more file parts are missing from that link. If you notice this, please inform us right away

How can I contact you?
You can contact me directly at: