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Lucky Lotus 6 Sets

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Thanks to Hakkin for recording these.

DoujinStyle Musicians Album (MUSICAL COMPENDIUM 01)

Not final art.

This has been a long time coming, and I have been meaning to post about it. The DoujinStyle Musicians Album (MUSICAL COMPENDIUM 01) will be an album that compromises music by artists from DoujinStyle.com, as well as other outside artists who wish to submit their works. Why do this? First off, we think it is a pretty cool idea, second of all, you can get hundreds of thousands of people to listen to the tracks you make (this site has well over 6,000,000 hits a month) by having your music in this album. Would you like to submit to the album? If so, send your track to: music@doujinstyle.com

Some questions:

Will the album be free?

When is the deadline?
September 30th 2016

What format should I use?
Please use MP3 or FLAC

What genres are allowed?
Any genre

Does my music have to be mastered?

Is there a specific length my track has to adhere to?
Generally under 9 minutes.

Why should I bother doing this?
Because you can get hundreds of thousands of people to listen to your stuff. Also why not?

We look forward to anything submitted. This is obviously a test, so we shall see how it goes. It may go well, it may not, so let’s see! Thanks for reading.

Wana no Kishi – Ginsen no Hime


Tsuzuki Sono Higurashi no Naku Koro ni vs Touhou Universe 2


Shameimaru Aya no Jikenbo


Satori no Atelier 2 – Alice vs Ikari no Death Danmaku Settai


Note: In addition to setting your locale to Japanese, you need to set
your clock format to Japanese. To do this, go to “Region and Language”
in the control panel, click the “Formats” tab, and select “Japanese”
from the “Formats” dropdown window. Without this, the game’s text will
not display properly.

Lethal Operation – Rugitta-hen


Kuro Shiro no Difference


Kirisame Nouen